Residential Drainage

Prevent Water Damage at Your Norfolk, VA Property

Prevent Water Damage at Your Norfolk, VA Property

Get sump pump, infiltration trench or French drain installation services

Many homeowners deal with moisture in their crawl spaces that can result in mold growth, higher energy bills and health complications. To ensure your property drains properly, turn to the pros at East Coast Drainage & Landscaping. We can handle your French drain, infiltration trench or sump pump installation or repair job in Norfolk, VA.

Our experts can also use UV lights to exterminate mold and odors under your home. Learn about our mold treatment services by contacting us today.

We're your source for dependable drainage services

Need help choosing the right drainage system for your property? Trust us to use top industry brands for your:

  • Sump pump installation - uses pumps to pull water away from your home once it reaches a certain level
  • Infiltration trench installation - installed along the foundation of your basement to stop water in the soil from getting in
  • French drain installation - moves water away from your foundation and comes with a lifetime warranty

We can also extend your downspout. Call 757-377-4667 now to schedule a free perimeter estimate for your infiltration trench, sump pump or French drain installation project in Norfolk, VA.