Residential Foundation

Is Your Foundation Failing in Norfolk, VA?

Is Your Foundation Failing in Norfolk, VA?

Rely on us to provide foundation repair and replacement services

Over the years, your foundation will shift, causing various problems in your home. That's why East Coast Drainage & Landscaping offers foundation replacement and repair services for homeowners in Norfolk, VA. Whether you have a concrete slab or pier and beam foundation under your house or mobile home, we can fix it.

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5 signs that you need foundation repair or replacement services

There are certain red flags that can alert you to foundation issues. Reach out to a foundation repair or replacement professional if you've noticed:

  1. Cracks appearing in your walls or floors
  2. Floors that are sagging, squeaking or raised
  3. Counters or cabinets separating from the walls
  4. Doors and windows that are becoming difficult to open or close
  5. Gaps forming around window frames and exterior doors

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